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Company Profile1

  Sing yip Technology  (HK)  Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of high-tech product development and advanced life science experiment products in Europe and the United States. It has a broad market in Asia and around the world, mainly responsible for pre-sales consulting, after-sales service and the latest international technology exchanges. The company cooperates with many famous universities and research institutes and devotes itself to the research and development of the international high-tech industry. Change. Professional technology guarantees first-class service and establishes a good reputation in the global eye tracking market.

The company has accumulated a certain amount of customer service experience in the field of eye tracker applications. We have mainly introduced high technology from around the world and created a research field combining eye movement and brain electricity. We provide them with services in a professional field. By providing long-term and targeted services for these laboratories and scientific research institutes, we have accumulated rich experience and obtained corresponding professional knowledge and have a very large competitive advantage in the market.

Based on sincerity, we focus on product quality and after-sales service, and timely feedback on customer opinions. We have formed a good communication bridge between manufacturers and users. Our rigorous work attitude and efficient working methods have earned us a high degree of trust from our customers. .

Every year, we hold a variety of professional and technical training courses jointly with a large number of customers. We communicate the latest research methods and ideas to each user, teach new concepts and brain research methods, assist laboratories in finding problems, and strengthen cooperation with laboratories at home and abroad. .

On the basis of systematic and professionalization, the company will introduce more internationally advanced life science research laboratory equipment and instruments, and develop products that are more suitable for domestic users based on user needs, and organize more professional technical training and academic exchanges. With high-quality products and services have been recognized by customers around.

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