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Source:勝業科技  Release date:2012-08-02

WINDOWS's soul - eye tracking and brain
As a researcher or a doctor, you need to analyze how we handle visual information in different situations. The effectiveness of eye tracking improvement and the validation of the subjects selected from the subjects could not see the stimuli, or the task of non-compliance. It can also improve the efficiency of many studies because there is less statistical noise, which leads to less subject to the need and thus faster results. In some studies, eye tracking can help to create a signal of the artifact of the eye movement artifact, thus simplifying the analysis..
SMI provide different eye movement tracking solutions, in the neuroscience of the camera is head or desktop installation, or using a high-speed video camera installed in the chin rest, even is compatible with functional magnetic resonance imaging or MEG camera. The SMI system can be portable, high-speed and remote option. They are suitable for a wide range of research areas, including:
Functional magnetic resonance imaging
Nerve Department of Ophthalmology
Neurodegenerative disease. Disease
The clinical research requires efficiency, making time-consuming and complex processes is automated, while the new device is fully compatible, so it is easy and fast to integrate. Eye tracking system is to ensure accurate measurement, combined with a powerful analysis function and to maximize patient comfort.

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