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POS/POP and consumer research

Source:勝業科技  Release date:2012-08-02

Information, design and layout - reaching the consumer
As a market research firm, you need to be able to quickly and accurately provide your customers with the need to focus groups and consumer behavior in appropriate feedback, assessments.
Eye tracking, allowing you to pre test the impact of the target audience can see and before the launch so as to improve customer design. Your customers, thereby better able to understand the behavior of the user, can optimize their visual communication to achieve their marketing goals.
A range of tools available for the use of the eye movement for video analysis can be used to study:
Shop (Interior / window design): eye tracking research, so that interior designers choose color, lighting, architecture, etc., imperceptible influence customer mood. This includes to attract passers-by with eye catcher and stimulate their curiosity.
Package design: both the visual and sensory packaging of the eye tracking and the experience of opening the product packaging. Strong competition between now a wide variety of product packaging design a key issue, affecting sales.
Ad / print: eye tracking allows you to measure what your customers see, so optimize your information, taking into account the expected target group..
Web design / web marketing: in the web design, through the optimization of navigation content is very important. Therefore, design requirements are more than pure visual aspects. Usability testing can help you assess the ease of use and logical navigation - both of which are essential to keeping the user as long as you are on the website.
The best use of visual stimuli based on the screen and eye tracking is the subject of the head movement without contact tracing.. In addition, the system needs to be fast and easy to configure, deploy and operate as well as accurate and reliable to provide real-time data. The device also has eighteen Wu Yi, and is compatible with other visual systems.

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