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Sports scientific

    Biosemi 32/64/128/256 Active Two EEG and event-related potential EEG

    ActiveTwo: 280 channel, DC DC amplifier, 24 bit resolution, with active electrode biological electrical measuring system
    Activetwo system put forward new standards, for multi channel, high resolution electrical measurement system, the system of our success is the result of further development. Advances in technology have enabled us to add more channels, more high digital resolution, wide input range and faster sampling rates, but in the instrument's size and power consumption is no increase. The second generation of the electrode cap size smaller and lighter, but also can get a better signal acquisition.

    Characteristics of:
    1 EEG cap system application is very convenient
    2 skin does not need to perform any processing can be very reliable measurement
    The 3 optical fiber data transmission
    4 suitable for EEG, ECG, EMG measurement
    5 application can be used in common computer or Mac
    6 electromyographic and ECG digital system is compatible
    7 in one package can reach 264 electrode and the 7 sensor
    8 second generation of active electrode characteristics: smaller size, lighter weight
    9 colored flag is set up more flexible electrode system
    Each of the 10 channels of the conversion rate of 24 bit, make the system signal has a very good signal to noise ratio and linear
    11 of all DC signal operation, the maximum input range: 524mVpp
    12 channels each selectable electrode sampling rate is: 2, 4, 8, 16 kHz electrode conversion box computer workstation software USB2 receiver
    Active electrode:
    The activity of BioSemi electrode can solve all the high electrode impedances and cable shielding problems. By welding the silver chloride electrode to the amplifier, can easily get a low noise measurement, and there is no need to do skin preparation. Active electrode is a low impedance output inductor. On the cable and the interference source capacitance coupling, and cable and connector interference can be completely excluded.
    Flat active electrode:
    Suitable for all skin application: EEG, ECG, EMG
    Can be passed through the electrode paste or adhesive disc convenient fixed to the skin
    Electrode paste cavity can reduce the moving interference and the electrode drying
    A common joint link with 32 electrodes
    Standard cable length of 140 cm, can be customized according to the needs of other length
    Activated carbon electrode:
    Made of carbon electrode and carbon wires.
    Be exposed to X radiation
    The 8 electrode / or 12 electrode / belt.
    Integrated amplifier in electrode take root.
    Screw type active electrode:

    Development intended to be installed in the electrode cap
    Through the electrode fixing device fixed on the electrode cap
    Numbering of electrodes is very convenient passage determination
    Quick installation
    Excellent long time DC stability.
    Electrode cap:

    Dedicated to the active electrode with high quality electrode cap.

    Support for 16-256 channel

    Will not produce electrode paste drying

    Easy to clean

    The user can change the electrode fixing position

    The ActiveTwo data conversion box:

    The ActiveTwo data conversion box structure is very compact, and the experimental object is electrically isolated, can support256 induction signal of the 24 digital. The inductor can be active electrode, can also be normally passive electrode. Also can increase active sensor measurement range, such as respiration, temperature, stress. A converter box channel includes low noisedirect coupled amplifier. All AD converted digital output are digital mixed and passing the fiber without compression and withreduced transmission to the computer.


    Special input level can match the model 2 first active electrode output

    The active electrode of the power supply can be automatically closed, to ensure the best security

    Each channel ADC with synchronous sampling

    The 24 sampling, 32nV digital resolution can be guaranteed to be not lost code

    Sigma-Delta conversion technology provides excellent linearity and dynamic range

    Can be customized / upgrade channel number: 8-256 channel

    Acquisition software

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