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Sports scientific

    The United States Biopac company MP150 type more conductive recor (sixteen channel)

    Our company in the greater China region exclusive agency of the United States BIOPAC the company produces many guide recor, is the world wide application, powerful computerized many guide recor; Products are divided into MP series research many guide recor and Student Lab series students experimental many guide recor, the software can choose PC or Macintosh version, Macintosh software can satisfy the GLP laboratory.

    MP150 host
    A) MP150 hardware performance parameters
    1) 16 analog data acquisition channel
    2) and a digital input channel
    3) two analog output channel
    4) 16 A/D conversion
    5) sampling rate: 400 KHZ
    6) can be networking work, can be upgraded to 64 guide
    Online or offline digital filter function of the original signal anti-jamming processing. Can be in amplifier choose gain. Sampling rate can be set freely, maximum reach 400000 HP/SEC. Trigger control or record can choose internal trigger or external trigger. Stimulator output may be performed by the software design output waveform size, shape, and spacing.
    2) software function
    Three kinds of display mode: walk screen (Chart), overlap (Scope), XY coordinates (X/Y). Can on the computer screen measuring calculation, the system to provide more calculation function, can signal is smooth, stack, differential, integral, Fourier transform, the frequency spectrum analysis, template find, signal average, peak detection (used for extracting submerged in noise of weak signal), etc. Formula design function allows the operator to design calculation formula of each channel signal various mathematical operation, for example: add, subtract, multiply, and besides, the absolute value, root, exponents, logarithms, triangle function, inverse function and so on, thus completing as left ventricular end-diastolic pressure calculation, nerve discharge numeration histogram display function. Software designed to be flexible, users can according to the test requirements design calculation formula and storage down, the same experiment can directly call.

    LDF100C laser doppler blood flow module, GRS100C skin reaction amplifier, PPG100C photoelectric displacement amplifier, NIBP100A noninvasive blood pressure measurement instrument, OXY100C blood oxygen saturation module, STM100A stimulation output module, CO2100C carbon dioxide gas measurement module, O2100C oxygen measurement module, NICO noninvasive cardiac output module, TEL100C - RF four-channel wireless telemetry system (remote distance of 75 meters), TEL100C four channel cable telemetry system (remote distance of 60 meters)

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