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Psychological and human

    FNIR brain imaging system

    FNIR near infrared optical brain imaging system through the measurement of the human prefrontal cortex oxygen levels to assess human brain activity. FNIR is an independent functional brain imaging system, includes a control unit and a continuous NIR sensors ( NIRS technology ). System through the four light sources and ten detectors, sixteen information channel. FNIR system software to display the data in real-time, while preserving the data used in the analysis of. FNIR is near infrared optical imaging technology, it measured the prefrontal cortex neural activity and hemodynamic responses. Subjects forehead wearing a fitted with sensors of the band, including four infrared light source and ten detectors. FNIR sensor detection in prefrontal cortex oxygen content, to provide real-time oxygen hemoglobin ( oxy- hemoglobin ) and deoxygenated hemoglobin ( deoxygenated hemoglobin ) numerical. In subjects performing different tasks, the system provides continuous and real-time oxygen change display. FNIR to provide users with a cognitive function assessment. It eliminates a lot of functional magnetic resonance imaging. Subjects can sit in front of the computer for testing or to perform mobile task. It can integrate SUPERLAB stimulus presentation system and BIOPAC virtual reality products. FNIR data can be combined with other physiological signals such as ECG, blood pressure, respiration, electrodermal activity, etc.. Acqknowledge software provides automated tools can analysis of event related potentials and statistical average value. The FNIR data and the other physiological signals can be combined to provide researchers with a detailed assessment of the subjects.

    The fNIR system has a three configuration: FNIR100, FNIR200, FNIR300

    FNIR100 applies to the following applications:

    Human performance evaluation of depth of anaesthesia monitoring

    Brain computer interface, virtual reality

    Neurological rehabilitation of autism

    Reliability evaluation ( lie )

    FNIR provides the relative change in hemoglobin level, calculated using the modified Beer-Lambert law law

    Oxygen hemoglobin changes: Delta O2Hb ( mol/L )

    The deoxygenated hemoglobin changes: Delta HHb ( mol/L )

    Total hemoglobin changes: Delta cHb ( mol/L )

    Sixteen channel sensor: four light, ten detectors, two wavelength

    COBI Studio data acquisition software: configurable channel number

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